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The “event T-shirt” has always been of interest to me- made especially for an event, celebration, product-launch, corporate milestone, etc… Kind of the low-brow version of a limited release artist’s print, making them somewhat collectible, or at least a curiosity/window into cultural happenings.

Part of designing clothes, particularly graphic T-shirts, is the rummaging through flea market bins, vintage shops and warehouses searching for clothing items that are looking for a second (or 3rd or 4th) lease on life. Seeing that Americans press out and throw out millions of graphic T’s a year, we often have A LOT to choose from.

This collection was retrieved during a trip to the American Rag warehouse in LA.

American Rag is known for their very well edited selection in their La Brea retail store- and it all starts at their warehouse. They have teams of people working directly with various suppliers from which they buy “old” clothing by the pound. Their warehouse staff then gives the individual items a once-over and sorting, separating out the most valuable pieces destined for the retail store before letting in the design team scavengers (us) to dig through the hundreds of bins containing thousands of (unwashed) vintage “masterpieces”.

You never know what you’ll find. The above totally random piece found it’s way to LA from Indonesia (celebrating what I’m assuming was a nickel factory’s  environmentally friendly industrial effort)…

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