A man’s guide to wear scarves and ties to elevate your style of fashion

A man’s guide to wear scarves and ties to elevate your style of fashion

Do you want to improve your styling when it comes to fashion? Since most of you want to be fashionable, I thought I’d give you guys something you probably don’t see too often, a guide in using scarves and ties for men’s fashion.

Believe it or not, like women fashion, men’s fashion has also evolved a lot over time. The man’s necktie is a standard part of the office attire, more like a uniform than a fashion accessory. But, now it has become a fashion statement on its own. Add the Navy and Burgundy Plaid tie to your collection. It brings color, pattern and texture and works well with navy or charcoal grey men’s suits.

Neckties also add professionalism and polish to any man’s suit. Be sure to never wear a tie bar that exceeds the width of your tie. Plus, avoid novelty ties that will diminish from your professional look.

Oftentimes, people think that scarves are only for women. But of course, that is totally wrong. In fact, the military used scarves to identify soldiers belonging to different battalions and regiments from thousands of years ago. At the same time, the scarf is a fantastic and manly cold weather accessory. It’s a classic menswear piece with a strong masculine history behind it.

Why wear a scarf? Simply because it’s functional. Just put on a thick wool scarf which makes an excellent job in protect a man’s neck from cold, while a thin lightweight linen scarf can protect you from the sun and sand when crossing the streets and highways. Also, it will add flair to your strong fashion style element and it will introduce color to an otherwise bland outfit.

Let us know how you choose your neckties and scarves. Share with us your ideal types of neckties and scarves, the patterns, colors and textures. This is so we can create or offer the most appropriate one for you.

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