We are a creative clothing design company which started in 2006. We started as a very small business, owned by two incredible men who have been partners, friends and colleagues for a long time. They have both decided to establish what is now a well-known men’s neck wear company.

The owners of The First Few company are men’s clothing designers, they studied for a long year to be experts in this kind of job before they entered the clothing company business.

Our mission is to support American made products in any way. Good products definitely abound here in America but unfortunately, you don’t always see it in stores. We want to support the fair wage, local jobs, small businesses here. That’s why we aim to produce more high quality goods for the people to shop more American made products.

The First Few is one the companies in the United States that offers a most functional line of neckties and scarves. As a company, we are able to sell a thousand of our neck wear every day since we started with zero paid advertising and merely through word of mouth. But, recently, we were featured by top media organizations because of the incredible quality and sales of our products.

The materials and fabrics that we use in our products are perfectly hand-picked by the company. Each fabric is examined well to ensure that we only create high quality products before it is released in stores.

The workers and staff of The First Few are hardworking, trustworthy and talented. We guarantee that we will always present to you the best of our product line. You will be satisfied in every design and part of it. Please support all American made goods as well as The First Few products.

Thank you for stopping by in our website. We hope to give you more information about us. Please come back again to see more of the items.

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