Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of The First Few company website. We hope you find the information provided here useful as you browse through our website.

Besides men’s neck wear, do you offer any other men’s products?

Yes, we have some other products on offer. In fact, we have newly launched products like belts, kids wear and bandanas. Simply look at our online marketplace section or yoy may visit any of our physical stores to check our wares.

Do you sell your product online?

Definitely, we are selling our products online for all those interested customers who want our products but do not have the time to go to any of our store branches. If you want to buy online, just tap any item you want and go through the payment process. Once paid, an automatic message of confirmation will be sent to you right after you’re done shopping.

Are there any women’s clothing you offer?

Unfortunately, we do not sell any products for women. This is because the owners of The First Few are both men and their expertise is in men’s clothing design. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. But of course, if we see the potential in the future of offering women’s clothing, we will be updating you. But so far, we only offer apparel and accessories for men and boys.

Do you have any other services that you offer, besides selling your creative designs of men’s neckwear and apparels?

For now, we are only selling these kinds of products for men. The First Few focuses on creating new and high quality designs of neckties and scarves for men. Now, we expand it to another level. We have now branched out our offers with a new line — belts, bandanas and kid’s apparel. Kindly check out our new products, we can guarantee that you will love it.

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